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Radical Mapping Project: architecture students re-design Prato

It's called Radical Mapping Project: Alongside/Within/In opposition and it’s the new project by MADA architecture students who, from 3 to 8 October, will be creating installations in five selected sites of the city: Lazzerini Municipal Library, Central Station Gardens, Textile Museum, Porta Frascati, and University square. Under the guidance of Professor Nicole Kalms and with the supervision of architect Luca Piantini, students will create site-specific works aimed at exploring new ways to transform and interact with the city.

The installations will be realised using different types of fabrics - symbol of Prato’s identity - produced and kindly donated by local companies. The installations will officially open to the public on Thursday 3 October at 2.00 pm, when students will start their walking tour of the sites leading the audience to discover their works.

The Monash Prato Centre, together with the Faculty of Art Design and Architecture, would like to thank Gruppo Beste for their donations and support. We also thank Compagnia Tessile and Lanificio Faliero Sarti for their donation

For further information:
Monash University Prato Centre