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Guess who's coming to dinner

The Monash Prato Centre is promoting a new initiative that is part of the local engagement activities offered by the Centre.

It’s called ‘Family lunch and dinners’ and involves Monash students and families from Prato.

Born as an extension of the popular Conversation Exchange - Scambi di conversazione weekly appointment, this new initiative aims to promote greater linguistic and cultural exchange between Italy and Australia.
Monash students have the opportunity to be hosted by an Italian family for lunch or dinner and to live a real family experience: cooking together with the families, eating with them and chatting both in English and Italian is a great way to link two different cultures and to learn about customs and traditions, differences and similarities.

Some of the students of Italian Studies from the Faculty of Arts have already had the opportunity to live this experience, which was welcomed with great enthusiasm.

The dinner last week was wonderful and I enjoyed it very much. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet a family and talk to them about their life and Italy. It also gave me an opportunity to attempt to speak in Italian. It was a marvelous experience.

Isabella and I really enjoyed our dinner with the family! The food was delicious! They were very hospitable and kind and encouraged us to try and speak in italian.
Nicola e 

For further information on this initiative:
Monash University Prato Centre