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Professor John Henderson delivers the 2017 Bill Kent Memorial Lecture

Coping with Plague: Public Health and Epidemics in Renaissance Italy was the topic of the 2017 Bill Kent Memorial Lecture, dedicated to renowned scholar of the Italian Renaissance and Founding Director of the Monash University Prato Centre, Professor Bill Kent. Staff, students, alumni, and fellow scholars gathered to pay tribute to Bill and to hear Professor Henderson's re-assessment of the political response to plague. Focusing on the second plague pandemic in Renaissance Italy, Professor Henderson explored the evolution of public health responses to this devastating epidemic,... more

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  • This new Program allows students to be enrolled in various Arts units in Prato for up to 12 weeks.
    25/09/17 to 15/12/17
  • The program allows students to spend three weeks working in local education settings including early childhood, primary and secondary schools as part of their teacher education program.
    10/01/18 to 02/02/18
  • Monash University's Law School offers a program of international and comparative law subjects taught by distinguished academics and professionals from Australia and worldwide.
    09/04/18 to 29/06/18