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Supporting Prato

4 ways you can support Prato as an alumnus

1. Contribute to a scholarship for students

Could you or your organisation help a Monash student travel to Prato?

Support our scholarship program via the Bill Kent Foundation Fund. Read more.

2. Share your Prato experience with others

Talk about it with people you meet!

Write about it for the next issue of Prato Alumni eNews or our alumni testimonials webpage.

3. Organise your next conference or event at the Prato Centre

Does your organisation run a professional education program for its employees or organise conferences?

Consider the Prato Centre as a location. Find out more on our Conferences and events webpage.

4. Offer an internship in Europe

We are looking for alumni to sponsor an internship or whose current place of employment has a presence or link in Europe which could host an intern. Internships give Monash students the opportunity to gain valuable international work experience.

Learn more on our Internships webpage.