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Visiting Prato - Duomo
Prato is the second largest city in Tuscany with a beautiful historic centre.
We host a wide range of cultural events including exhibitions, concerts and theatre that showcase the work of our students as well as Australian, local and international artists.
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We are a site for transformative education and globally integrated research programs.
Monash Prato video
Find out more about what you can study in Prato.
Prato as Creative City: An International Workshop on 28th July 2014

Monash University Prato Centre

Upcoming courses

  • An interdisciplinary programme consisting of two courses: 1) Literature and Art in the Aftermath of the Pestilence 1350-1500 and 2) Introductory Italian.
    20/10/14 to 10/12/14
  • This intensive course involves interdisciplinary study of the political, social and cultural history of Florence, from the late thirteenth to the early sixteenth centuries, with particular reference to the Renaissance period.
    14/11/14 to 12/12/14
  • This unit introduces students to the study of music in different cultural contexts. The focus of the unit will be a reflective approach to the integration of diverse traditions of music into individual creative and research activity.
    24/11/14 to 05/12/14

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